Sex: As a pathway to conscious loving

September 23, 2014
by Amy Rachelle

Sex. As a pathway to conscious loving, it helps me to open, shows me where I don’t, and reflects to me where primal passion can either be one dimensional, or an opportunity for a greater state of awareness, and knowing and loving myself – beyond the flesh. Linked to the heart, hormonal levels can balance, serotonin is stimulated for feelings of well being, and all is good. Connecting our female health with healthy sexuality and conscious loving, is surely a bridge for owning our personal power, greater service, a root of one’s innate charisma, plus an opportunity for great satisfaction on many levels. May we get our deep needs met – body and beyond – by opening in full surrender, connecting to deep trust within, and taking a risk to love that we may not experience singularly.
This is part of our work together in our Women’s Detox, Oct. 3-7 in Bali. Along with morning movement, yoga, breath work, meditation and more…..Bring a friend, and the second person receives 50% off.
With love,
Amy Rachelle

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