October News

October 18, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Yesterday, sitting outside in a London cafe, I began writing you amidst a balmy chill, beneath an eerie red sky. Very strong winds from the Sahara desert were blowing north from Africa, as a result of a hurricane off the northern coast of the UK that originated in the Azores.
Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcano’s are center stage amongst world crisis, giving well-warranted concern over our collective condition.  Where do you find yourself within it all?
Meanwhile, we go to work, plan for the future, hopefully reconcile the past, and find presence amongst distraction… pondering what it all means and why – questioning where it’s all going.  Wow, yes wow.
How’s your wellbeing and health no matter your experience?  How are your food and lifestyle choices affected when stressed, uncertain or insecure?
Afresh from our crazy beautiful wedding a few weeks ago, I married my best friend and love of my life.  We’re basking in the after glow, receiving so many blessings, and integrating intense lessons as chaos abates.  I don’t plan on having another wedding, though one obvious thing I would do differently:  hire a wedding planner!
On the up side, amazing friends came together to help, and it leveraged me out of a 2 year mid-life crisis, all of which gave me two very potent lessons:  when you’re stressed – don’t power through it, come up for air – and express how you feel; and second, though union is the greatest thing ever, never lose your own autonomy or voice, always be sure to take care of yourself first.
The longer I live, the more I learn to take my medicine sooner rather than latter.  Plus, the power of friends and community is one of the greatest things we can share, especially when we see the best in one another, no matter what we go through.  Besides, no matter how the Earth may shake, it’s not the end of the world, just the death of something old, and the birth of something new – for those willing to experience labor.
Do you find yourself coming out of an intense period, or still in one?
Witnessing so much change in the past few years and with most everyone I know, I see a collective commonality:  one chapter closes and another begins, though we may find themselves somewhere in between, and still not sure of direction.
It’s as if we’ve received a software upgrade though we don’t quite know how the new operating system works.  The lessons we’ve learned from intense periods don’t always come with instruction manuals, though one thing is clear – to find out how much we’ve grown, we’ve got to put one foot in front of the other and embark upon our new journey, trusting that unfoldment begins as we take one step after the other.
As we collectively sit on the edge of our seats and watch, may we wait not.  Let us live, and love, no matter conditions or chaos.  This life is to be lived in all our imperfections, sharing all of ourselves, no just the pretty packaged parts.
Here’s to (self)love, and all it’s possibilities – loving each other, and this world, just the way we are… taking good care of ourselves and our community, no matter the condition.
My love and appreciation to you….

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