Intense Times? The Breakthrough Series, Part 2… Open To Intimacy

June 2, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Blocks and self-doubt often preclude breakthroughs, and breaking out.
“What’s with all the constant change and so much happening at once?” asked one of my clients recently, catching her breath.  She’s been feeling overwhelmed and somewhat unsure of herself lately, despite her many accomplishments.
What to do with so much going on, before yet another request surfaces from life, asking us to shimmy and shift yet again?
Whether experiencing a breakthrough, on the edge of it, or feeling change on the horizon, you’re not alone.  In my practice and personal life, I see many of us stretching and challenging ourselves – sometimes with great excitement – and often in deep discomfort.  Breathing really helps!!!  Not to mention bucket loads of total and complete self-acceptance… imperfections and all.  Trying to “keep up” may not be realistic, needed, or necessary – though opening up – may be.
Whether restless for movement, in the midst of it, or a shift has subsided, breakthroughs often come at the height of intensity.  It seems none of us are immune from the ubiquitous upgrade happening on the planet in these intense times.
Amped up times of change ask us to be wide-awake and fully switched on. Cleansing body and soul, shedding dead weight and opening to the new, the shock may lessen, our awareness sharpen, offering the opportunity to anticipate change with more ease and grace.
Welcoming all of oneself, not just the “pretty and perfect” parts, may help us to adjust and acclimate to the great “human software upgrade demands” – a phenomenon we’re clearly collectively experiencing.
Back to the question… “what to do?”
Feeling it all and taking really good care of myself, no matter the outer world, is part of what truly helps me.  Life is continously teaching me the following laws of change, guiding me to increase my willingness to:

be blown away, let go, and not know
not take anything personally – it’s likely not about me, and what is, is clearly an opportunity for self-responsibility and growth welcome confusion, disorientation and even pain surrender, open, and accept the reality of what’s happening – and most importantly – myself leave space, learn – avoid filling it up with yet something else receive the unknown as a teaching… learn from life, and it’s different forms of love and lessons be willing for everything to be different, surrender to life’s constant cycle of death and rebirth… align with intimacy – be intimately and energtically available…. love to relationships, health to wealth, success to self-growth, etc.
Whatever your process in managing intense times, may we give way to the Pulsating Presence that is breathing our bodies, and offering the potential for newfound opportunities.  May we trust feeling, sitting still, and being informed through receiving that something else –beyond busyness, fears, and forcing.
A prayer….

“Welcome transformation.  I ride your waves in complete self-acceptance and total self-love. I trust life, and the unknown.  I open myself and intimately receive love’s bounty, wisdom, and resource now. I embody grace, radiant health, and am resourcefully abundant.  Thank you.” 

My love to you…
Dr. Amy

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