Hearing from Beloveds & Priorities

June 28, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

Hi Amy,
I was trying to make it to our special day, but physically I was too sick to make it there. I am fasting with the group and am planning to complete the 14 days.I really feel I need the fast and the last 3 days I have had very little energy. I have some sort of upper respirotory infection going on the past couple of weeks, but it really hit me the past 3 days. I used to get these 2 to 4 times per year when I was smoking and eating all the wrong foods. I fell asleep on the couch yesterday around 7:15PM and did not wake up until 6:30AM this morning. I have been falling into the old habbits and over scheduling myself and literally running myself down. I am sure this fast will get me back on track and eliminate this mucas trying to leave my system. I am sorry that I did not inform you prior to our starting time yesterday. I spoke with Shana this morning and she told me it was another amazing day.
Hi Amy,
I just wanted to touch base to tell you I am doing Ok. The Spirit Dance was amazing! This week is my tryout week for the job and the land is very soothing. I miss you guys but all is well.
With much love and respect
Dear Amy,
It really felt good to be there today with everyone, and you especialy. Your energy is very high and then it fill me with good intentions and inspire me. I switch something last week and was flowing toward it, I was looking for to speak with you on sunday but forgot. I am not so sure about reaching out all the time, i think i needed my space to really sort things out on my own. I have been on liquids now for 2 days but have been preparing for the fast since friday, my body is going through a lot of detox right now, not to painful, but just i am very aware of all moves i make because it hurts everywhere, I know that in 1 or 2days i will be fine. I  have decided to heal my relationship with eric but it is scary and exiting also at the same time. Working as we have been have really put me in a place where i realized i steped out of my place in my wedding and then it was too much work for me, this is why i decided to close my web site and not travel to the carebean anymore. I have recenter myself around the house with the children and they are much happier. Because now we have time to do things when before we were driving a lot here and there. Well so it is a big change, and I am more confortable with that kind of life, I want to say thank you for it to YOU for opening my eyes wilder and wilder. (and me also, for actualy doing the work)  I wish you a great evening.
Thanks for writing…. I much appreciate your communication and expression, wonderful. I’m happy to hear you are intent on healing your relationship – it sounds just like what was called for to be present for your children and husband now.  Family really needs us to let them know they are our priority – how blessed you are giving of yourself in this way now with the changes you’re making. Yes, its quite scary to embark upon new ways of relating, yet without it we shut down and dont truly live.  Being willing to go in the dark and scary places is where true power lies – and yes, the key is feeling and vulnerability, absolutely. You know you are loved and supported by me and your group, however and whenever you need it.
Love you much! Amy

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