Endings & New Beginnings

December 22, 2017
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Dearest Reader,
What are you leaving behind in 2017 and inviting in ’18?  What would give you closure for anything left hanging – such as communicating unresolved feelings, following up on a commitment, reaching out to someone you’ve been meaning to contact, etc.  What are you inviting for the new year?
What’s been the most significant happenings of the year for you?  This year has been very intense for me, hands down.  My father passed on Easter, I got married, and my brain started working way better, propelling me out of a two year mid-life crisis of sorts.  At times I’ve felt like I was heaving without breath, and at other times I’ve experienced a renewed inspiration from deep within that’s restoring my sense of self, growing me by leaps and bounds – and expanding my heart with new understandings of death, and therefore life.  What a gift it all is, even though it seems we may break into pieces at times.
Like to go deeper with what you’re leaving behind in 2017, and what your invoking for ’18?  Here are some questions to foster your focus:
-what’s been a powerful lesson for you in this past year that you’d like to leave behind, yet take the learnings with you?  What are those learnings?  How have you been affected, your life changed, and how have you grown?
-how has your heart been most touched?  How does this help with what you wish to invoke in 2018?
-what’s your intention for 2018, and your plan of action for going for it, based on what you’ve learned, how your heart has been touched, and how you’ve changed?
-do you have a self-care plan in place, with support (especially if this has been difficult for you in the past) for ’18?  Outline it in detail, along with a doable structure.
Consciously reviewing and releasing whats passed, learning from it, and setting forth on what you really want – may we let go of self-sabotaging thinking that leads to (self)destructive behaviors.  Through support and sharing, many things are possible where we otherwise may feel alone and isolated.
Remember the old saying  “success doesn’t always go to the most talented, smartest, and wealthiest – it often goes to those who show up and persist.”
So, what do you really want and what’s your support to get it?
My love to you this holiday season, and in 2018!
Dr. Amy

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