Health Inner Saboteur? 7 Tips For Getting What You Want

January 19, 2018
by Amy Rachelle

Happy winter in the west, and summer in the east!
Day 18 of a fast, and I’m feeling fine – especially after a great colonic session with a wonderful therapist today who managed to move a brick of gas sitting in my belly. After, my eyes got brighter, my energy came up, I’m breathing better, and my belly is no longer a rock. Seriously.  Looks like I’m again giving up the matcha and chocolate that have been blowing me up.
Do we all have gas?  Most likely.  Even if you’re not burping and farting, if your belly feels hard, bloated, and your digestion isn’t working great, stored gas in the intestines, tissue, and even cells is likely the culprit.  It’s SUPER common, and likely the cause of many health issues.
What to do – especially if you find yourself wanting to be healthier though have resistance, and even rebellion?
Before going crazy with a diet plan, and putting pressure on yourself to workout, I suggest cultivating a mindset for health. Here’s 7 tips:
1.  Health starts with how you think. Think healthy thoughts to be healthy.  Do you view yourself healthfully?
2.  Check in with yourself – and how you think about health – ask what you really want for your health and well-being.
3.   What stands in the way of what you want?  Be ruthlessly honest with yourself, beyond self-condemning.
4.   Do  you have unconscious commits that assure lack luster?  Such as:  “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have the money”?  Is this true?  Have a talk with the inner-saboteur and find out who’s running you.
5.   Remember, we are 80% more likely to succeed with support. Get help with your health.
6.  Let go of harmful things you love, one by one. Find out which one is whacking you most, and fast from it. Then do the next, then the next.
7.  Do you belief you just can’t do it?  Start with baby steps, gain small successes, and build from there.
Let me know if you find this helpful, I’d love to hear from you.
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My Love To You!
Dr. Amy

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