How To Succeed with Your Health Intentions

August 8, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

Hello From Chilly San Francisco!

Wow – though I love the bay area, I’m really looking forward to getting on the plane back home to Bali Friday!  Wow, these micro-climates are so unpredictable… kind of like life, and often our health choices when we feel unstable with them.

Do you have trouble sticking with your health intentions?  Are you struggling to move forward – and really want to – yet just not sure how to?  Many of us can lose sight of being healthy in an unhealthy world.  If this feels like you, you’re not alone.  Many desire a greater state of health, yet feel challenged by family and friends (that’s always number 1), where they live, and how they work.  This is all quite understandable, and the good news is – you can do something about it!  It’s never too late to turn your health – and life – around.  Where does it begin?  In our attitude no doubt.  So if you’ve been punishing yourself over your food choices, haven’t been making it to the gym, or keeping with your plan for healthy choices… put down the bat, and lets get our attitude adjusted.

Even those of us considered leaders in the field of health may not have always been healthy, whewie, I know I certainly wasn’t with all the partying I did, and lack of awareness around healthy food choices.  So have faith, if I can do it – so can you!  Once my thinking got plugged into health – like yours can – my life changed many years ago, if I can do it, so can you!

10 Attitudes of Healthy People

1.    Think Healthy to Be Healthy
Where does health begin?  In our minds most certainly, as the body only does what the mind tells it to.  Whether healthy or not, rich or poor, sharing or lonely – of course our mind is calling all the shots.  Become aware of your what your thinking and face limiting self-sabotaging thoughts to generate thinking that create health, such as “I love my body”, “I can and I choose to take good care of myself, and “I have the power to create excellent health.”  Begin where it starts by thinking positive about your body, well-being, and your possibilities to create it… now.  Need help?  Check out – meditation is a powerful tool to train your mind to create your health, and all you desire.

2.    Accept & Love Yourself Where You Are… & Know Where You’re Going
No matter where you are, if you’re able to read these works, you’re mind is still working!  That means the mind can be molded to accept instead of reject, and to love instead of hate… first with oneself.  You know the old adage “what the mind can perceive it can conceive.”  The power of self love and acceptance makes it possible to face past pains, heal, and move forward into what we’re truly capable of – beyond self-sabotaging belief systems that cripple and keep us low spirited.  If you were to place zero limitations on yourself, what do you see?  Write this vision down, let the past go, and get to why you’re on this Earth, through accepting – and loving – what we can’t change, yet can transform.

3.    Make Your Health A Habit – & Priority
It’s said it takes 21 days to form a new habit… so, start with 1 new health habit every 21 days, and within months, you’ll be in the groove of something vibrant that makes you feel great physically, and about yourself.  Make it your priority – above all else – and yes that means work, kids, and other commitments.  For surely we all know that we’re not able to truly be there for others if we’re debilitated on some level.  Go easy on yourself, make it doable… a new habit every 21 days will give you time and space to integrate your new choices without getting overwhelmed because you may be overcommitted.  Protect these new habits by putting yourself first. With practice it will become much easier and second nature.

4.    Never Give Up – Commit For Life, No Matter Where You Are.
What you can do to improve your health is personal and up to you – and no matter where you are, even a tiny baby step will help improve your well-being. What is that step you can take, and commit to now?  Committing to baby steps will help you to take charge of your health – for life.  Let go of any race, pressure, or “I have too’s” – and commit to yourself, your life, right now, just the way you are, and to never giving up – no matter what.  Claim your life, for the rest of your life, and let go of flip flopping or indecision – be in it for life, where you’re at… it will only get better with full presence (attention) to your own process.

5.    If You “Fall Off” – Start Again.
What if there’s no such thing as “falling off”?  Well, if we don’t learn from our experiences, there very well could be, yet by taking the time to reflect on what we go through, we have the opportunity to extract the wisdom being offered to us, learn, grow, and expand into our potential.  So, if you find yourself “unable” to stick with your habits of health, review your life experiences – when you’ve felt great, when you haven’t, the why’s and how’s of each, and start again with what does work for you – do what you can now, whatever it is, and the rest will take care of itself.

6.    Do It For You.
Make health choices that are for you. Doing it for others because you’ll be “less fat”, “prettier”, or somehow gain the love and approval of others will more than likely lead you away from yourself, create resentments, and not kept with, because our reality is based on another’s love and approval, rather that our own, for ourselves.  This type of thinking has a way of back firing and reinforcing low self-worth states that keep us feeling bad about ourselves.  Do it for yourself and you’ll always have it with you, no matter the circumstance, or our belief systems that keep us from health – and what we really want.

7.    Make It Fun & Get Support
Let go of drudgery, “have too or else”, and strict rigidity.  Have a good time with your new health habits and you’re likely to want to keep doing it!  Who wants to stick with something heavy?  Take the weight out of health, and choose to make it a great adventure, a new learning full of epic surprises, and get curious of how you grow.  Consider watching movies that inspire, such as:   “Forks over Knifes” and “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Get inspired with watching utube videos of people like David Wolfe, Brian Clement, and learn new recipes. Research where the healthy minded people hang out, go there, and know with support and making it light, lots is possible.

8.    Look For The Deeper Meaning.
Why bother?  Well, we when it comes down to it, we each need to find the answer to that question in our own experience to make it authentic.  If you find yourself in futility, doubt, thinking negative, or in general have resigned yourself to an unhealthy fate, it may be helpful to look deeper and gain a different perspective on what this life means and what its all for.  Without a deeper meaning guiding life, it can be easy to give up, and never have known our potential.  Dig deeper within to give yourself reason to be healthy, live, and ultimately thrive… be
yond conditioning, and the habit – and often comfort – of negative thinking.

9.    Plan & Prepare
Whatever we want to do, some kind of planning and preparing goes into it.  From a simple walk in the park, a meal, or a trip – figuring out how we’re going to do it, preparing for it, and making a plan, ensures that we know how to do what’s important to us.  Without planning and preparing for our food choices we’re likely to eat anything when we get hungry, work instead exercise, and in general find a million reasons why we can’t take care of ourselves.  What’s your plan for taking care of yourself?  Plan and prepare to make it happen.

10. Celebrate Every Stage.
Every stage of health – which could also be viewed as our awareness – is a part of the journey that makes up who we are.  Sometimes we feel out of sorts and like we don’t know what we’re doing or where we’re going, and other times we feel right on track and in the groove… although we often have a preference for some stages of life over others, they are all incredibly value though the teachings we live and experience.  To celebrate not only the goods times but what we might also feel are bad, to give thanks for the frowns as well as the smiles, and to acknowledge the gift of everything we go through is to live without regret and to revel in what we may otherwise create suffering out of.  Celebrate it all.

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