June 28, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

Good morning! What a day yesterday was. Incredible to be with all of you for twelve hours straight. So powerful to be part of our community. The knowledge that was shared yesterday, the honesty, the power of seeing one another and recommitting to this path. I feel so so blessed.
***Right on sister – me too!!! I’m pinching myself!
After  all the talk of candida yesterday, a few of us went to Pure Food and Wine and did a major sugar blow out. Total celebration! Between the four of us we split 7 sundaes, 1 pint of ice cream, chocolate mousse and some kind of weird smoothie, oh plus the  chocolate bar that we got as a prize for our gluttony. It was really beautiful and really fun! We blessed the experience and made a commitment to one another to go off sugar until our next meeting. I must say that I did not feel sick after I ate all the dessert, but I did realize that I did not even like the taste of it all that much. In fact, I wasn’t sure if I was even tasting it at all. For me, it was rebellion. My ego rebelling against structure and health, my ego fighting its disintegration. What I learned is that whether or not my ego likes it, my body is too wise and it is tired of being neglected. I have moved into Purification and I am psyched about it. The old habits don’t work anymore. The truth is too real and far more enticing right now. It is sweeter than any dessert that I have ever tasted.
***How blessed that you knew what was happening – this means the observer was present – beautiful… to be aware of the ego’s (it’s not your ego you know) antics is to know the difference between the truth of who you really are and the identities.  And how beautiful that you knew that disintegration was being fought, great work.  Absolute music to the ears to hear how the sweetness of purification has consumed you – and how you don’t want to miss out on this… truly blessed… you’re in the groove.  This is the end of suffering – this is the death of wanting and craving, beyond contrivance or hope.
I woke up this morning a little jacked up from all the sugar, my pulse faster than it normally is. I went straight to charting, and then my body dumped. It dumped all the dessert. Now there is a clear message of what my system wants for me. I unrolled my mat and had an amazing practice this morning. Completely centered, feeling light. Afterward, I sat in my heart and used my meditation practice as a way to reconnect to my heart and recommit to this program.
***Big smile.
All I wanted to do when I opened my eyes was write to all of you. This morning I give thanks to all of you. You inspire me to be by HEV. I am diving in anew, committed to all of you and to myself, in service of all beings everywhere so that they too may stand in the same sweet space, connected to god and free of the suffering that attachment to ego brings.
***Oh darling, these are deep heart felt words of truth that make me dance in my seat.  Thank you for digging deep and finding what’s underneath everything else – yes, this is truly the true real deal of sweetness…. so blessed you have found this… it never goes away, it never dies – it only asks that we tend the garden and keep the bounty in abundance… this is true prosperity consciousness.
I love you all!!! Have a blessed, blessed, blessed day!!!!
***I love you Goddess – and all you Goddesses and God. See you tonight!!
Thank you Amy for making all of this possible. With you as a guide I know that I can LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
***My absolute highest pleasure… thank you for receiving – its mutual you know… we leap together. xoxo Big hug and loads of love, Amy
I am So excited to be a part of this!!! I feel so refreshed today with a head full of truth.
***May it keep you enlivened as you journey this month.
I’m recommitting to integration today! I committed to Shana and Concetta to no candida diet for a month and it feels so good.
***Powerful right – to do it not only for yourself but for others… I love the accountability.
I am committed to finishing all books, going the distance, feeling the feelings, always listening to my heart, taking the leap of faith, honoring my HEV and excellence, eating living foods for optimal health, regular cleanse through fasting, staying in the observer and having fun!
***This makes life so rich and full… good for you sister.
Keeping it simple and silly too.
Thank you for the amazing workshop and your commitment. May it live through me and all your students.
***If I died today I would rest in peace well satisfied – thank you for being a part of making this possible for me – in so many ways.  I value you and our lovely crew so very much and hold you all so dear. Big hugs and love, And a huge warm blanket of love to you, Amy
Hi Amy
thank you so much for today! wow i’m like a different person. And you are right- it’s all so impermanent these emotions.
you are so magic!
***I am you and you are me Goddess 😉
anyway i’ve got a belly full of pure ice cream and thoroughly disgusted, although it was so fun, and now ready to 100% commit to 4 months of a candida free diet.
***I’m shakin my booty for you now!!! YES! YES! YES!
the more i thought about it the more i realized that when i was following that plan, which was the first month or so of transformation was when i was shedding the pounds . remember you called me the incredible shrinking woman once during that time?
***Exactly… happy you are recalling this now.
so here i am doing juice and blended but still drinking watermelon juice plus fruit and remember i ate figs in australia and the chermoya fruit. so maybe that is why my body is holding on to excess weight. because i have been pretty clean in my eating otherwise.
***I’m glad you’ve really made the connection now for yourself – this is what it takes… it must be from you in your own realization – otherwise it will just feel like an enforcement – once it comes from you, you only want to honor it – this is huge for you – good digging deep darlin.
Also I have laid out the boundaries to Nusi (business only, no romance, no seeing each other, and hours between 8 am -10 am business talking only) and so far our contact has been drastically minimized but I don’t think he really “gets it” as he keeps contacting me-
***Most importantly, do you keep answering?  He’ll get it as much as you represent what you’re asking of him… what’s this mean in terms of you being available?
although i did have an emergency with my bird and he is only trying to be nice and comfort me. I am excited to see what comes up in his session tomorrow with you. but more than that i am excited to fast from him because i think that is the toxic stuff I am carrying around in my body-the low self esteem that this relationship mirrors in me.
It is gonna be HUGE to not talk to him every second and I can’t wait to see what changes happen in me because of it.
***Is this happening now?
Already I feel like a “weight” has been lifted so this is gonna manifest in my body.(although I am totally sad and miss him too, or maybe I miss the compulsive communication and attention more than i actually miss the person??? who knows…)
***Great self honesty and insight – you’ll not know truly until you give it a true go….
love to you for being a shining example and helping us all through this strange mysterious journey of life! love
***Know how much you and the group help me – its the same, very much – so a big thank you!!! And you are so very welcome, it feels so good! Love  you much Beauty, Amy 

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