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May 27, 2014
by Amy Rachelle

Hello Friends…


Ever find yourself on a whirlwind, yet somehow centered amongst it – or knowing your balance may be a bit wobbly and you’re ready to regain stability?  

Nothing like constant change to remind us we were never really in control anyway, and that life has its own directive. Seems that as we align with change, things are more calm – and there’s opportunity for release and refuge – even in the storm.  Underneath what may feel unsteady in a consistent state of change… is often stability in the center, no matter the external circumstances, like the quite at the bottom of a turbulent sea.

Leaving my home in Bali a few weeks ago to arrive in my native USA, the chilly weather, taking care of a loved one unexpectedly, and rising to the challenges of old family dynamics – I’m offered the opportunity to witness where I resist change – and where I may otherwise unconsciously fall into my old default pattern of withdrawal, endure, and shut down.  Sitting in meditation, reflecting, and ultimately taking 100% responsibility, my heart opens again and I’m strengthened to welcome change, and viola – the center in the storm returns, it grounds and guides me, and reminds me that how I experience life isn’t about the outer world.

One thing that I know always works, no matter what’s happening externally, in relationships, work, etc. – is that if I take care of myself first (yes first – even if I fumble), then all else seems to take care of itself with less effort.  So this weekend I unexpectedly find myself in NYC as part of that care…  I love this place, with its calm chaos.  I hadn’t planned on coming this trip to the US, yet I’m so happy to be here and have decided to open up a few sessions this Saturday and Sunday. I only have a few times open, so email or call me asap to book in (you can read more about my sessions below*).

My Love To You – And Support Always.


2014 Events

– Dr. Amy’s Naturopathic & Intuitive Life Direction Readings (see details below*), Sat. May 24 & Sun. May 25

-Amsterdam Raw Food Festival, June 1

-10 Day Raw Food Chef Certification & Detox Training, July 24 – August 3 & November 6-16, Ubud, Bali

-5 Day Women’s Detox, October 3 – 7, Ubud Bali

*Dr. Amy’s Naturopathic & Intuitive Life Direction Readings
Internally “scanning” a client like an x-ray, Amy intuitively reads a persons health and well being, from the emotional to the physical – while using her naturopathic skills to assess the condition of a person’s bodily health.  She helps people to understand the messages of the body as a mirror to what one experiences emotionally, and as a result of dietary and lifestyle habits.   The results of Amy’s sessions range from understanding blood, organ, and tissue health, to resolving emotional issues, to adopting a raw and cleansing protocol for excellent digestion and better health. Special emphasis is placed on eliminating candida and parasites as well.

About Sessions:

  • Sessions are 1.5 hours in duration, and $150
  • Located on the lower east side, NYC
  • A one time session is recommended for personalized attention in evaluating health and life direction, ascertaining gifts and talents, working through blocks, and outlining a plan of action.
  • A series of sessions is recommended for deeper emotional therapy, release, and rebuilding – and during cleanse periods for expert guidance.

About Dr. Amy:

Amy’s 18 year dedication to her own personal path of raw foods and detox – combined with her scientific knowledge as a detox doctor and developed intuitive gifts – plus many years of working with clients, act as a foundation for helping clients to attain supreme health and happiness.

For more about Dr. Amy and her work, please see, or contact her directly to discuss a protocol for your health needs:


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US:  917-306-9977
Bali:  08 123 916 5702

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