7 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

December 20, 2013
by Amy Rachelle

How’s your holiday season kicking off? Feeling good in both belly and a happy heart?
With our holiday traditions, as we all know, can also come the challenge of food and drink being the center point of connecting and celebration. When our intimacy needs end up revolving around consumption, one festivity after another, we may find our health feeling compromised. So whether we feel healthy and happy, or still hungry on some level, may depend on how we handle what we’re challenged by.
Ever want to miss a party just to avoid these issues, yet would still like to connect with people you care about? Rather than worrying about how you’ll handle these situations, feeling bad about your choices later, or isolating yourself and avoiding it, with a little support, it’s possible you may not need to sacrifice intimacy this holiday season – or your health.
Here’s my 7 tips for taking care of yourself during the holidays:
1. What are your own personal needs – to truly enjoy the festivities while honoring your personal health and happiness (i.e. eating and drinking what feels right to you, how long you stay, who you spend time with, etc.)?
2. Determine or revisit your health goals – be realistic, best to not over shoot. (Re)set doable goals that offer you success step by step, then as you naturally gain more confidence and strength, old challenges may not affect you as they previously did.
3. What are your boundaries? After determining your needs and goals, get clear on what brings you closer to fulfilling them, and what takes you away from them. Protect yourself by setting healthy boundaries that actually take care of everyone in the end.
4. Ask for support from others to keep a healthy balance with substances, people, places and things that may distract you from your true desire for health. Reach out and let others know you’re needs and goals – in the moment, and before meeting.
5. Cultivate a feeling of freedom to attend any celebration you like, by trusting yourself to consume with discernment. Go to share with people, instead of your intimacy needs getting displaced onto food and drink.
6. Take your favorite food and drink and share generously! If it’s not possible to bring something, keep your favorite healthy foods and snacks around that give you satisfaction and enjoy some before you go or after.
7. Determine your choices in advance – be honest with yourself. If you feel it’s not possible to go without consuming like others, ask yourself why you’re going. Is it for consuming or connecting? If you choose not to go, take a rain check and make an alternate plan with the people you may miss.
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Love, Support & Happy Healthy Holiday!
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